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Terms and Conditions

At Carother Clinic we offer the highest quality treatments delivered by senior health professionals who have undergone rigorous training.

Our aim is to deliver treatments that are safe and well proven to achieve fantastic results. Each client will have a care plan focusing on achieving the desired looks. We work on enhancing facial features to improve your appearance with which you will be absolutely delighted.

We use only the best quality products, ensuring that they have been thoroughly researched and tested and are purchased form leading manufacturers in the dermatology field. Very often exciting new products with improved formulas are launched. We keep well up to date with these to be able to offer all the latest advances in these skin products.

If a client has a particular preference for a certain product then we will do our best to source that for them. In this case, payment for the product will need to be done in advance.

The initial consultation for all treatments is free, for botulinum injections this will be with Heather Walker who is the qualified pharmacist and prescriber. For all other treatments either Heather or Carolyn will be the consulting practitioner. This includes a post-treatment appointment to evaluate the results, for botulinum a small top up dose may be given if desired.

As the treatments are of a medical and invasive nature it is entirely possible for side effects to occur such as swelling or bruising. However, these are temporary and will soon disappear. As well as informing you what the treatments are and how we do them, we also make you aware of all possible side effects and issue you after care advice. You will leave the clinic with written information on what to expect and what to do.

We want you to be totally satisfied with the results and will work with you to help achieve very pleasing results. We take great care and consideration when delivering treatments. Nothing is rushed, we allow plenty of time to enable you to feel relaxed and comfortable in our clinic.

Upon completion of treatment, you are required to pay in full by card or cash.